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This website is dedicated to the loving and transformational messages I have been privileged to receive from Quado and share with you for so many years. 


Just go to Quado's Garden, sit peacefully on the bench where I first met Quado, take a deep breath or two and just click when it feels right. 


You will then receive one of Quado’s loving and wise messages, the one that is meant for you for on this particular day.  The Quado messages are taken from my archives of the messages I have shared with you over the years and each is accompanied by a photograph of a rose.  But these are not just any roses; these are the roses from my own garden, photographed while still on the bush, often covered in dew. 


I hope you will also use the recorded meditations often.  Use them every day and they will transform your life.  And I am now offering them all to you, free of charge, on this site. 

Love & peace,


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"I am enjoying your book so much.  It is so real, down to earth and easy to see oneself in your words!  I enjoyed the chapter on the steps you have walked as you grew into your spiritual path.  Thank you for sharing in such detail so as to allow another to explore these steps as well!"  Beverly, Canada








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