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On this page, I am delighted to offer you the use of the life-transforming meditations that have flowed out of my relationship with Quado.  Use these meditations every day, without fail, and watch your life unfold in beauty.  Meditation is a miracle you deserve to have in your life.

I have made shorter versions of most meditations so that you can always meditate every day, no matter how busy you are.  When you are able to, treat yourself to the full-length versions.

There are no rules for using these meditations.  Most people listen to them first thing in the morning, but some use them to fall asleep.  Some listen sitting, some lying down.  One woman told me she listened to them on the treadmill--she call them her Tread-Med!  Whatever works is good.

Self-Love Meditation

This is a very soothing meditation which clears away negative emotions and patterns and lets you understand and appreciate yourself in all your perfection, right now, just as you are.  It helps you understand that you are now standing exactly where you need to be on your path, ready to take that next step and shine out with all that you are. 

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Abundance Meditation

This meditation guides you through the process of fulfilling your desires, creating the life you wish to have.  It teaches you how to let the flow of the benevolent and loving universe into your life and how to then let go and let the universe deliver to you all her abundance

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Renewal Meditation

This powerful meditation cleanses each cell of your body of fear and doubt and replaces it with love.  It is a deep cellular transformation, taking you back through your entire life and before, cleansing not only the cells of this physical body, but the cells of your memory body, along the way transforming the cravings and habits which were based on those old fears.  

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Forgiveness Meditation

This meditation helps you release the past and come into now, where you can reclaim your life.  An angel removes the stone of unforgiveness from your heart, transmutes this poisonous stone into a glowing crystal of love which she then places within your heart so that you may heal and return to wholeness.    Learn More       

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An Angel Sets You Free, a Meditation

In this lovely 10-minute meditation, an angel takes from your heart your burdens of unforgiveness, anger, sadness, fear and doubt, and transmutes them into a gentle rain of love.  You are left glowing and free, ready to do and be anything, utterly fearless and confident, shining and bright with love.

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Golden Connection Meditation

When your energy is low, when you feel listless, sad and adrift, come to this meditation to get reconnected and recharged.  Reach up into the golden glow of your own higher self and bring that energy back down into your body, to put enthusiasm back into your step and love back into your heart.  These will be the best 10 minutes of your day!

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A Gift from an Angel

This is a highly effective tool for bringing yourself to peace and serenity.  It is not only soothing while you listen to it, but it provides you with a powerful image you may call upon at any time.  Spend just seven (7) minutes with it every day, and you will find that whenever you need to, you can just dip the angel's wand into the rosewood box, touch the light of silence to your forehead, and your mind be flooded with sweet silence and your heart with peace.

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Angels Sing Your Name

This exceptionally beautiful Quado message reminds you of how wonderful you truly are.



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Dear Friends,

I am delighted to offer you a highly effective tool for bringing peace and serenity to your mind and heart. 


For the last several weeks, I have been feeling an extra boost of angel power around me.  I didn’t know why, but I could feel that it was intended for a purpose.  Then, when Quado enfolded it into two messages, I began to understand that I was intended for you as well.


First, I received a beautiful message many of you wrote to me about, “Angels Sing Your Name.”  Then I received the message below, “A Gift from an Angel,” a guided visualization that gives you the power to bring your mind to sweet, serene silence. 


I loved “A Gift from an Angel” so much, that I decided to record it and work with it daily, so that I might share with you how to use it in your life.  The results were remarkable and I am delighted to share them with you now.


I used this meditation in several ways.  I used it alone on days when I could only spare a few minutes for meditation.  I found that the seven minutes I spent listening and visualizing with the angels had the restful and clarifying effect of a full half-hour. 


On days when I had more time, I listened to the recording before my mantra meditation.  I found that it quieted my mind down so quickly that my mantra meditation was much more peaceful and effective.


And the best part of all is that by using it every day, it became a tool I could use during the day, even under stress.  Whenever I found that my mind was focused on a worrisome thought, reciting the same thought over and over as our minds will sometimes do, I just mentally pulled out the angel’s wand, dipped it into the rosewood box, and touched the light of silence to my forehead.  A flood of blue-white silence then entered my mind, giving me the space and time to regain my bearings.


I hope this meditation resonates as deeply with you as it has with me.


A Gift from an Angel


Today, you will receive a gift from an angel.  A precious gift that you can use every day for the rest of your life.


Take a deep breath in, and then release it and let yourself drift down until you are completely relaxed.


See now that there are two angels hovering in the air before you.  They are bright and beautiful, their white gowns fluttering gently from the breeze created by their slowly moving wings.


The angel on the left comes forward.  She holds out a golden silk net and asks you to put into it all of your burdens from the past.  And so now, do this.  Give her the burdens of regret that you are carrying on your back, all of the things you wish you had done differently.  Give her the disappointments and frustrations when you did not receive what you needed and desired.  Hand it all over and feel yourself lighten.


And now, reach into your heart and remove the heavy stones of unforgiveness, every bit of blame and anger that lodges there, deep in your heart.  Remove these stones and put them into her silken net.  Feel your heart lighten.    


Now the angel on the right comes forward.  She also holds out a golden silk net and asks you to put into it all of your fears of the future.  Take every worry and anxiety and give it to her.  Remove every doubt about your abilities to handle what may come and put them into her net.  Take your fear of the imagined future and hand it over.


And now the two angels fly to the heavens with their golden silk nets, full of your burdens, doubts and fears.  They hold them up to the light where they are instantly transmuted into love. 


And a gentle rain begins to fall on you, a rain of pure and cleansing love.  Your burdens have been accepted by the light and completely resolved within it.

And now you are deeply blessed with love.


It flows and flows, soothing and purifying.  You are showered with love and peace as the angels sing. 


And now you feel completely cleansed, completely whole.


A third angel appears before you, brighter and bigger than the other two, her wings made of glowing light.  She is holding an ancient and beautiful box of rosewood inlaid with gold and silver, etched with symbols that somehow seem familiar to you. 


She opens the box and you see a great light within, a light your mind instantly yearns for.  She dips a wand into the box and pulls out the light on the tip of her wand.  Slowly, she then lifts the wand toward your forehead. 


She pauses, looks into your eyes and asks permission to give you this great gift.  You nod your head.  Yes, yes, you will accept this gift.


And so, she touches the wand to your forehead.


The minute the light touches your forehead, your mind is filled with peaceful silence.  It is full and delicious, satisfying, a silence unlike any you have ever experienced, a silence thick with peace and love.  A silence so deep and so wide, so bright and full, that all thought recedes.


And the light within your mind is growing brighter and brighter, as you begin to see that silence begets silence and that even one drop of silence from the angel’s wand can cause a brighter and brighter silence to envelop your mind, filling it so that the old ways of being and thinking have no home within your pure and sparkling mind.


And as she closes the box, the glowing silence remains in your mind, peaceful and serene.


And now she hands these gifts to you, the box of glowing silence and the wand to pull it out and place it in your mind.  These are yours to keep.  These are yours to have forever.  And as you open the box, you see that it has been refilled with glowing light, and you know in your heart that this will ever be so.


If the light of silence in your own mind begins to dim, if old shadows begin to fill it, you can simply open your rosewood box, inlaid with the symbols of silence, dip in the wand, touch it to your forehead and instantly your mind will be filled with peace, glowing with silence, and your heart will have the space and time it needs to send healing love throughout your entire body.


Ah, what a great gift this angel has given you, the gift of silence, a treasure beyond all imagining, and the power to give it to yourself whenever you choose.




 Angels Sing Your Name


If all of the love in the world were contained in one star, it would shine for you.


If all the answers in the world were contained in one word, that word would speak your name. 


If the full sea of peace were contained in one drop of water, that drop of water would be on your tongue.


You are the beginning and the end, the alpha and omega, the source and answer, the thought that reaches across time and the timeless beat of the heart of God. 


Your importance is immeasurable, for you are what there is.  The entire universe is contained in one atom of your being.  Each breath you take gives life to all that is.


You do not have to try to be this vital force.  You simply are.


Now, right now, go deeply into your heart and find the peace and love that reside there.  Now, right now, embrace yourself completely with love, granting to yourself the right to be who you are, as you are, without criticism and contempt, without dissatisfaction and frustration, without blame and regret.


You, exactly as you are, are good.  You are what is needed.  You are what is wanted.  The entire universe embraces you with love, and when it does so, it simply embraces itself.


You cannot lose the love that is there for you, for you are made of love.  You cannot lose the light that shines for you, for you are made of light.  You cannot disturb the peace that contains you, for you are made of peace, peace and joy and light and love, all made manifest in your being.


Simply be who you are and you will hear the angels singing your name.


An Angel Sets You Free (a Meditation)


Sit quietly and close your eyes.  Take a deep breath in and then out.  And another in and then out.  And yet another, in and then out.  And now, just relax as we ask an angel to come to you and set you free. 


See her before you now, a beautiful angel floating in the air, her fluttering wings outspread, a bright golden glow about her head and emanating from her entire body.  She is aglow with love, with caring and affection for you. 


First, she reaches into a little bag of golden silk and pulls out a handful of sparkling angel dust that she now tosses over you.  It falls down upon you, but instead of clinging to your skin, it becomes a band of energy, bright and glowing, around you.  This golden glow is clearing the field around you, purifying it, removing any residue of doubt or fear that has been clinging to you.


And now, she pauses and looks deep into your eyes, asking permission.  Nod your head yes:   Yes, you grant her permission to look into your heart.


She touches you lightly over your heart and your heart opens wide to her view.  And as she looks within, you find that you can see it as well.


First, see that your heart is glowing golden.  It is made of love.  It is a great treasure within you, the place where the light and love are stored.  It is glowing and golden but it is also soft and pliable, able to change and adapt as life requires.


But here and there within your heart are some stones you have picked up along the way, things that happened to you, things you considered sad or bad at the time, and you stored them in your heart.  At the time these things happened to you, you were unable to just let them be or to examine them and allow them to dissolve, and so you stored them away, hoping that they would not exist in your life any longer. 


But yet here they are, stones that you carry in your bright and glowing heart, weighing it down, making it less soft and pliable than it could be.  Stones that block some of the bright love from glowing and flowing.  Stones that you must carry every day, even though you are not even aware that they are there.


Look at the stones now.  There are stones of unforgiveness, bitter and sharp.  There are stones of sadness, each a heavy weight your heart must carry.  There are stones of anger, hot and smoldering; stones of fear, like chunks of ice that keep the warmth of love from spreading easily; and many pebbles of doubt, which add up to a heavy weight indeed.


The angel now looks again deeply into your eyes.  She is asking you a question.  Are you ready to free your heart of these burdens?  Are you ready to let all of this leave your life?  Are you ready to forgive yourself and others, to let go of the anger and bitterness and disappointment?  Are you ready to let go even of the doubts about yourself?  Are you ready to free yourself of fear?


Nod your head yes:  Yes, you are ready.


And now the angel opens wide her silken bag.  She reaches into your heart and removes the stones one by one, taking them from your heart and placing them in the bag.  One by one, they come out of your heart.  And with each one that is removed, you can feel your heart growing lighter and lighter.  All the regrets are taken out.  All the fears of the future.  All the doubts about what you can accomplish.  All the anger and frustration, all the disappointment, all of this is removed.


Feel your heart growing lighter and lighter.  Feel yourself growing freer and freer.  Feel what it is like to let your heart glow as brightly as it can, unencumbered by these burdens it has been carrying.  You do not need them any more.


And as your heart glows more brightly, that glow spreads throughout your body.  And your body, now exposed to this bright glow of inner love, finds that it no longer needs the habits and addictions that it has been using to shield it from the energy of the stones.  Your entire body now feels light and free, bright and glowing.


And the angel looks at you and smiles.  Then she closes her silken bag and flies up to the heavens, where she holds the bag to the light.  And as you watch, in a great golden burst of light, the stones are all transmuted into love, love bright and golden.  And a gentle shower of love begins to fall down upon you, golden drops shimmering in the sky and falling down upon you, pouring over you, covering you in sweet love.


And this you are.  Love.  Love glowing in your heart.  Love glowing in your body.  Love shimmering all around you.  Purified and clean, glowing and golden, you are.


And all of the possibilities of this precious life are glowing and shimmering around you as well.  You can do and be anything.  You are utterly fearless and confident.  You are completely unburdened with the past.  You are in this moment only, shining and bright, feeling and being love, knowing yourself as love and only love.


It is a new day and a new life.  You are born anew in love and the world lies open before you.  Step into it and embrace it now, right now.  You are this sparkling wonder of love.  You are.


Golden Connection Meditation


Sit quietly and close your eyes.  Take a deep breath, in and out, then another, in and out and another, in and out.  Now, picture a bright golden ball glowing above you.  This golden ball is you, your higher self, the part of you that is eternal and is always full of energy and love.  At this higher level you are made of love and energy; that is who you are.  See all of this energy now, glowing above you.


And now, open the top of your head wide and let the light shine in.  See the golden shaft of light from your higher self flowing down into your body.  Watch it as it fills your mind and then swirls around, clearing away the worries and fears, the regrets and disappointments.  Watch the golden light swirl until your mind is clear and clean.


Then watch as the light goes lower down through your body, clearing your throat for self-expression, opening your heart and melting the ice that has built up within, flowing to your center where it opens up the channels to the endless pool of peace that is yours, then down further as it charges up your sensuality and forms a deep connection to this physical life.  Then watch it flow all the way down to your feet, connecting you closely and deeply to this wondrous, earthly experience.


And now, simply stay in this glow for a time.  If your mind drifts, just bring it gently back into your body, to whatever spot in your body now feels the clearest, the calmest and most connected.


And now focus on your center, that glowing part of you that has expanded and deepened through this meditatation.  Find that gentle, calm and perfect place and ease into it, settle in comfortably.  Then from this center of peace, let your focus expand to include your heart and feel there the fullness of love, love of life, love of self, and an all-encompassing love for this experience, this adventure that is your life.


And now let the glow spread from your center; keep glowing and glowing until the light extends out several inches out from your body.  Then let it spread wider and wider, until your glow of love and joy reaches several feet out from your body.


And now, in this glowing state, look up into the sky.  Feel the energy of the universe.  Feel yourself melding with it, being a part of it.  Feel it flowing down to the earth and touching all that is.  Look at a tree, a flower, a leaf, and feel the oneness that you are, the way that you are a piece of life and it is a piece of you.


Let your glow spread further and further until you are the tree, the grass, the clouds, the sky, the sun itself.  Then further and further, your energy and glow reaching the stars, the circling planets, the swirling galaxies of being.  This is all you, you just as you are, you, right now, with life just as it is.  You are one with it all.


This greatness is you.  This expansion and beingness and oneness are real and are you. 

You are this.  You are all of this.  There is no beginning and no end, just this endless, flowing oneness of being.  This is who you are.


And now, slowly, pull it all in.  Take all of the oneness and beingness and energy and pull it in toward you in concentrated form.  Pull it in and in.  And with each beat of your heart, feel the energy of the entire universe flowing through you, intense and concentrated, vibrating and pulsating as it flows and flows within you.



And now, slowly, angels appear and form a circle around you, floating in purity and glowing brightly, singing of love and wonder.  And you can feel an intense love flowing from each of them toward you.  You are surrounded by the most intense love you have ever experienced.  You feel and know that you are a child of the universe, loved and cared for, surrounded by help and guidance, the perfection of all that is made manifest in your being.


All of this is yours.  All of this is you.  You are love and you are loved.  And in this circle of caring love, glowing with the intense energy of the universe, just be.  Be you, just as you are.  Be you and be glad. 


And now, finally, take one last deep breath and give thanks, give thanks for being alive and being who you are, just as you are, glowing golden on this most perfect of days.










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Thank you...You put down in writing what I feel also!"  Anna Gaydos


"How beautifully this expresses through words what I've been feeling!"  Nancy
"Yes, you have been blessed with vision.  What breathtaking rendering.  May it be so for us."  Leonor Campbell 

“Things are different. I awoke this morning and I instantly realized things are different.  A sort of acceptance and peaceful love of myself.  This certainly is new. So I thank you and Quado. I will continue to listen to the Renewal Meditation as it is a very soothing and healing meditation.”  Charlene

"WOW!  This CD brings me to a whole new level of personal growth and healing. It teaches me how to deeply love myself and, in doing so, allow the flow of abundance from the universe into my life.  What a gift you and Quado have given me Carrie. Thank You!"  Denise


"I have been listening to the Self-Love Meditation every day and I can honestly tell you that I am beginning to feel very different about myself.   I literally feel lighter, like something heavy has been removed.  It is also very beautiful and easy to listen to."  Gilda







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