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Photo Gallery

Here are a few family photos.  Click on the thumbnail to get a larger view of the picture.

I hope you enjoy them.


11 Duck a-swimming

11 ducks have taken up residence in our swimming pool. We hope they are just resting before they continue their journey!

Peacock Watching Ducks

The wild peacocks that drop by are curious about the ducks too.

Rita Watching Ducks

The cats are doing that cat thing, running around and hiding behind things, peering out to keep an eye on the intruders

Oscar Relaxing

Oscar truly knows how to relax!

Oscar Working

But Oscar is a big help when I am working, too

Sara, Ed and Bernard

Summer 2008

Whenever Ed watches TV, Sara moves up onto his tummy. Here they are taking a little snooze together.

Melanie, Miriam and Rita, Summer 2008

A typical morning scene

Miriam, Summer 2008

We actually call her Bert because of the little sound she makes instead of meow

Oscar and Bernard, Summer 2008

It took two years, but Oscar has finally decided that the other cats can live here

Oscar, Summer 2008

Oscar relaxes on the patio chaise

Rita, Summer 2008

Rita likes to roll around outside the window. She has a tiny little white spot on her tummy.

Bob, Summer 2008

Bob about to exit the cat door

Melanie, Summer 2008

Melanie is the only kitten with a long tail and she likes to show it off

Bob in the Closet, Summer 2008

Bob climbed up the ladder in the closet. One more jump up is the attic, a place they all love.

Melanie, Christmas 2006

Bernard, Summer 2008

Bernard looks in the doorway

Miriam, Christmas 2006

Bernard & Miriam, Christmas 2006

Miram helps Ed read a book (2006)

Bob, Bernard and Miriam cuddle up (2006)

Bernard in the Drapes

July 2006

What Flood?

Miriam and Bernard go to the high ground while Sara and Rita look on (July 2006)

Relaxing by the Pool

Sara and Rita join Oscar on the hammock (July 2006)

Apartment Living

Miriam over Melanie over Bernard (July 2006)

Miriam Seeks Lofty Inspiration

July 2006

Rocky and Flower

Local wildlife share a meal on the patio (July 2006)

Babies on Board

Mom and 2 of her 3 babies dine al fresco (July 2006)

Bernard is a Beauty!

May 2005

"What?" says Miriam.

May 2005

What strange plants these are...

Melanie Poses for a Formal Portrait

May 2005

Lovely Rita Meter Maid

Elusive Bob Heads for the Garden

Mom watches as Miriam and Bernard discover the Doggie Door

Where is Bernard?

Granddaughter Teagan at Ballet Class

Teagan and Ed

The little ballerina gets a ride out to the car.



Bob and Miriam


Five Weeks Old

They just get cuter and cuter!

More Kittens

Here they are at about 3 weeks old, eyes open.


Sara spends a lot of time under the chair with the little guys.


Lovely Sara was a stray who moved in, then had five kittens! Here she is in the fireplace.

The Kittens

Here are Sara's 5 kittens at 12 days old. Their eyes still haven't opened. (Born 1/27/05)


Our perfect Katie, who picked us out at the animal shelter and stayed with us for 12 years. We miss her!

Ed Doing a Flip

Ed does his famous back flip while Katie looks on. Katie has her eye on those tennis balls Ed is about to land on.


Oscar is a big help at the computer. I think he's listening to Quado here.

Teagan and Jack

Granddaughter Teagan has a very big dog!


Grandson Brandon in the pool, Summer of 2004


Here's Grandson Brian un the summer of 2004, just before he began high school.


The latest granddaughter, Delaney, in 2004.

Some Local Wildlife

Peacocks are wild in our neighborhood. Here's one who dropped by for some birdseed.





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