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You are Deeply Creative


You are a deeply creative person.  You are an original, with things to be said and done in a way which no one else could say and do them.  You are unique in all the world, and yet you are deeply connected to all that is and have something important to share with the rest of the world.  Yourself.


Do not ask whether you are creative.  You are.  Ask only for the courage to shine out with all that you are. 


Push away the shadows of fear and doubt from your life and open up to yourself.  Shine out with all that you are.  Dig deep and find the courage to say what you believe, to live your life in full integrity, to be a walking, talking representation of your truest self.


There is a price paid for each time that you suppress your truth because you are afraid someone else will not approve of it.  Imagine if you were to live your life in full expression of your deepest truths and talents, letting your original self shine through.  What a joy that would be!  What freedom!


I Am This:


My higher self flows into me and cleanses away all fear and doubt.  My higher self is present consciously within me, filling me with my own truth and being.


I have the courage to be myself.  I reach into myself, discover my unique talents and abilities there and then bring them out for full expression.  I shine.


I am creative.  I am unique in all the world.  I am powerful and bright and I can shine out with the wonder and glory that I truly am.


I am full of creativity and power.  I am.


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