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Honor Yourself Today


Today, give yourself great respect.  Let every thought and every action you direct toward yourself to be how you would treat someone for whom you feel both admiration and gratitude, and someone you would like very much to have as a dear friend.


Every thought should be only what you would direct toward such a person.  Every action you take should be colored with deep respect, deep kindness and an underlying love for yourself.


You are everything.  You are your best friend.  You are the one person who will always be there.  Treat yourself this way.  Give yourself the credit you are due. Honor yourself for how hard you have worked, all of the wonderful things you have done, the many, many ways in which you have learned and grown.  Honor yourself for all of this.


You are worth it all.  You are worth every kind word and loving act.  Treasure yourself today, just for being exactly the person that you are, right now.



I Am This:

I honor and respect myself deeply.  I love and approve of myself completely, and I accept myself exactly as I am.


I lavish praise upon myself, because I deserve it.  I speak kindly to myself, because I am deserving of love and kindness.  I appreciate everything that I am and have done. 


I know myself as deeply worthy of love and respect and I give both to myself freely and gladly.


I am a wonderful person.  I am deeply worthy of love and respect.  I am.


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