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Today You are Free!


Today is a day for freedom.  Today is a day to be as the bird, singing and full of joy, leaving worries, troubles and regrets far behind.


Right now, take off from that bough and fly.  Feel yourself lifting up into the sky.  Look down and see how your worries are as nothing, just like little dots upon the earth.  Lift off and see how the past does not exist, the future does not exist.  All that exists is this moment, full of freedom, full of joy, full of a deep peace inside.


Today, be as the bird.  Fly, fly to adventures unknown.  Let the wind gently take you where it will.  Feel the ease and grace of it.  No striving and trying.  No controlling.  Just lifting gently and easily on the breeze of life, tipping your wing just a little to go this way, just a little to go that way, using the power of the wind to propel you along, easily, gracefully and effortlessly.


This is the way to live.  Free and powered by forces under your wings, gently, lovingly lifted and carried into each moment and embracing it as it comes.


Ah, how blessed you are!


I Am This:


I am as free as the bird, embracing this moment and this moment only.  I live deeply within each moment as it comes, then release it and fly onward.


Life is effortless.  I fly easily; I lift off from the earth and take with me only my free spirit, my love and my deep inner peace.


I fly higher and higher until I touch the edge of the all, until I feel the great connection with all that is.  I fly into my highest state of being, higher and higher, into freedom, into grace, into love.


I am love.  I am joy and peace.  I am free.  I am.

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