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Create the Miracle


See yourself as standing in the center of a circle. The perimeter of the circle is your life in five years.  Consider all of the parts of your life and see where you will be in five years if you continue doing what you are doing now, with these habits, using time in the way that you do. 


And now, turn just slightly in the circle, taking just the smallest action, getting up a little earlier, meditating, exercising, watching what you eat, practicing a skill, taking a class, devoting time to pursuits and relationships that are important to you.  And now, with these little changes in your daily life, look out to the perimeter again and see what life is like in five years.


It is a little miracle, is it not?  Just focus on what you care about and desire, diligently and patiently, just a few minutes a day, a few hours a week, and the miracle of conscious change takes place—gradually, it is true, but steadily and inevitably.


Magic lies in the steady application of small changes, that little turn in the circle that puts you in an entirely different place in five years.  And there you will be, having achieved what you wished to achieve.  And you will have not only the result you desired, but the feeling of accomplishment and fulfillment that comes when you choose to take complete responsibility for your life, no matter what.



I Am This:


I am completely responsible for my life and I accept this responsibility with joy.


I am fully capable of doing what is best for me and I choose to do so in each moment.  I am the creator of my own life.  And right now, I choose to create a life of truth, beauty, love and peace.


I love myself and I love my life.  I am I am free to choose what to do in this moment.


I am completely at peace with who I am and where I am on my journey.  I am.


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