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You are Unique


You are unique in all the universe.  Think about that.  In the entire universe, there is no other being who is exactly like you, who sees things the way you do, who can express things the way that you would and can.  Today, contemplate this.  See what this means, if you will but allow yourself to be who you are and share that uniqueness with the world.


There are talents you have been given, the easy, effortless things that just came to you:  a lovely singing voice, a talent for movement, an eye for design.  Developing these skills is neither easy nor effortless, but it is well worth the time and energy.  For when you explore and expand those areas to which you are naturally drawn, you will find a great release in their use.  You will find them a great path to open expression of that uniqueness that is you.


When you dig deep enough and successfully express your deepest self, you will also strike a deep chord of connection with those who are in touch with their own selves.  For even though you are unique in all the universe, you are also deeply connected at the deepest core, and this connection has great power.


I Am This:

 I am unique in all the universe.  I shine out with the glory that I am, showing all of my uniqueness and beauty to the world.  I love and treasure myself.  I shine.


I am beauty and love.  I express all that I am.  I create from a place of truth, expressing myself fully and connecting with all that is.


I am a shining jewel, made of love.  I am.


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